Bonus Time

I had my sit down “yearly review” with my boss the other day [….] it went fairly well.  He laid my bonus on me, which I was estimating to be around $35k.  I’ve only worked at this new company for a little over 7 months and I had my bonus from my other company in March – which was about $32k.

I was floored when he handed me a piece a paper that said $52,500!  Not only that, but they’ll take out my 10% 401k contribution and match their 10%.  So, sort of like $57,750.  With my bonus in March, I’ve grossed almost $90k in bonuses in 2013.

Now [….] how to spend it?  I want a tablesaw.  That was coming out of normal cash flow anyway.  We’ll use it to fund our big vacation in 2014 [….] more on that in another post, but it looks like India and Beijing for the time being [….] and the wife wants the rest of the bathrooms upstairs redone.  The rest, goes to taxable investments.

Most importantly [….] as Stephanie @ the Broke and Beautiful life spelled out [….] “DON’T BLOW IT!”

How do you spend your windfalls?