About Moi

Welcome to my blog!  It is centered around me, money and everything I like to think about.  I certainly love personal finance.  My other passions are cycling, skiing, home renovations and political influences on economics.  You’ll see a little of everything on here.

I’m first and foremost a husband and proud father of 2 young girls.  What [unfortunately] defines me is my joe job in oil & gas.  I consider my wife and myself to have a high networth for our ages.  In 2013 I turned 30, and my networth grew to around $685k.  This is thanks to many things, but what helps the most is my compensation at work is between $225k and $250k each year (not including my equity position in the company).  Because of this, my wife is fortunate to have my dream job – a stay at home dad mom.

My hope is to “hang ’em up” in 15 to 20 years.  While my wife is [naturally] a nester, I would like to sail the world.  We’ll see how that pans out…



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