Weight Loss and Blog Roundup #1

I’ve been back to tracking caloric intake and burn with My Fitness Pal.  If you haven’t used it, it is amazing.  Especially if you are like me and a little rolly-polly right now.  You can scan barcodes on what you eat and it pulls up all the nutritional information.  It truly is the single best tool for weight lost.

I started the week at 245 lbs (244.6 if you must really know).  Currently, I am down to 240 lbs.  That’s over 4 lbs this week, which is good considering all the holiday candy staring at me in the office.  Caloric intake this week – Mon thru Thurs – was 12,517 and Caloric burn (with estimated Basal Metabolic Rate) was 13,984.  I burned 1,467 calories in 4 days.  I rode my bicycle about 86 miles this week, so not too shabby.

Onto the good stuff.  Below are some blog posts worth your precious weekend time (you can even burn a couple calories reading) [….]

Matt @ Mom and Dad Money continues his brave journey to getting people to think more about life and disability insurance policies.  Totally worth the time, especially if you think your coverage from work is [….] that’s not a mistake [….] adequate.

The PoP’s are having one of those civil “discussions” between husband and wife [….] my money is on Mrs. PoP.  But, they are asking the correct questions when it comes to having a cash pile – how much do I keep in cash? 

Amanda @ the giraffe life is working out in the cold.  My hat is off to her!

FI fighter asks, “Do you really need to budget?

Andrew @ Living Rich Cheaply has an excellent post on judging a book by its cover.  Or maybe we should?  Wait?!  Or don’t we?  Or, HOW do we?

Happy Weekend [….] Merry Christmas (whispering)

What’s your favorite Christmas Song?


4 thoughts on “Weight Loss and Blog Roundup #1

  1. Thanks so much for the mention! It is truly appreciated. Favorite Christmas song…you know it’s not one of the traditional ones but I like Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas is You. For some reason I remember that song playing on the first Christmas my wife and I were together.

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