To pack a lunch or not pack a lunch….

[….] that is the question.

In the PF blog world, I’m sure many see it as a slam dunk – pack a lunch.  Before we go there, let’s discuss my lunch yesterday.

  • I went out.
  • I ate Sushi.
  • I ate a lot of Sushi (like I do once a week).
  • There was more Sushi than we could all handle.
  • I didn’t spend a dime.

I’ve been at my new job for just over 1/2 a year now and I have eaten out every single day.  That is correct, I have never once brought a lunch from home.  And I can count, on one hand, the number of times I had to run down to Chipotle for a $6.25 burrito.  So in 6 months of work, I have spent no more than $37.50 on lunch.  How is this possible?  Well, in 2014 I am responsible for delving out almost $100MM of my company’s money and A LOT of other companies want this money.  Combine this with my super busy work day and lunch is a convenient time for me to meet with people (along with about 4-5 other vendors during the day).

In essence, I would spend money to pack a lunch in.  I won’t lose sleep over the $10-$20/week I would spend if I were to pack a lunch.  And I’ve got that first world problem of I am getting tired of all the restaurants downtown (sushi not included).  All that is tolerable.  Less tolerable is having me or my wife pack something the night before.  But the real reason is my weight.  This spring, I lost about 35 lbs and got closer to my “fighting weight.”  I’m now back at my weight before I went on my diet this spring.  I’m not obese, I’m still active, but I would like to be a little more competitive at the sports I enjoy, namely cycling.

So, in an effort to lose some weight and get home a little earlier, I am going to pack a lunch twice a week.  We’ll see how it goes [….]

Do you pack a lunch?  What is your cost?


9 thoughts on “To pack a lunch or not pack a lunch….

  1. I think it saves a lot of money to pack a lunch, so if you are waffling, I would say always pack one! You’ll save so much money and of course weight is also a nice bonus.

  2. I’m cheap so I always pack a lunch. Maybe you could compromise and pack a lunch 2-3 days a week and go out the other days? It’d be hard for me to lose weight eating restaurant food – I always seem to go for something covered in cheese! 🙂

  3. We pack our lunch and it is a great cost savings, but your circumstance is different. If you’re meeting people during lunch then going out to lunch works better. I’m glad many of my co-workers also bring their lunch. But many of my friends who work in NYC…bringing their own lunch would be tougher when you miss out on networking with others and might seem anti-social.

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