Black Friday Virginity Lost

2013 will be my wife and my fifth Christmas together.  Ahhh…!  3 of the years we have managed to put up a Christmas tree, and those were the more recent years due to either having children or wanting children.  My original hesitation was the actual act of getting all the Christmas schwag out (to put it away some 6 weeks later).  My mother in law has a 4 year rotation of her Christmas glitz, and the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.  Getting out all the Kitsch was one thing, but putting up the tree was another.  After we got the tree out of storage last year my wife and I looked at each other, let out a sigh and we said the same thing we’ve said since marriage, “we need a new tree.”

My wife has owned the same tree for 17 years.  It was a major PITA.  Some of the limbs were broken, so I’d have to try and make them blend in the best I could.  Not to mention the lights.  That’s right, after spending at least an hour getting the tree in an upright position, I’d have to get the lights on.  The first challenge would be my wife’s old lights which were wired in series (if one light goes out, they all go out).  Invariably, what would transpire over the next 3+ hours would be at least one trip to Walmart for a new strand or two of lights.  If I was lucky, I’d only burn half a day to put up the tree and get lights on it.

For years I had looked at after Christmas sales for a new tree, but nothing ever blew my skirt up.  I was in Burma last year for Black Friday and my sister, who was also lusting after a new Christmas Tree, had missed out on the deal running around to other places with my parents.  So I knew the deal and was happy when Home Depot ran the same thing they did in 2012.  I had my eyes on this pre-lit beauty for a while.  $69 for a $200 tree.  I used a Lowe’s 10% off coupon that Home Depot will usually match, so I was around $62 and change.  Plus, HD didn’t collect my Lowe’s coupon (and it has been used a couple times since then)!  And as always, I bought it with a gift card.

My father and I arrived at 4:30 am for the 5 am opening.  We were third in line, and third to want to the tree.  But, news they had almost 40 of them quickly calmed us down.  I decided at this price I would buy 2 with the intent of not having to return for another 34 years.

The new tree went up in about 10 minutes, and was a dream come true.  10 minutes later, the tree was vertical, lights and all.  A 4+ hour task just now became 10 minutes.  Point for the good guy!

What were your Black Friday Adventures?


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